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At Motus PT, Darlene’s highly skilled virtual physical therapy and wellness sessions empower you to reach your full potential and live yourBEST lifeby:


Easing pain


Restoring function


Improving fitness & sports performance


Guiding your return to regular life activities after illness, injury or surgery

...and all from thecomfort of your home or officethrough live video visits!

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-Kristen K.

Safely & Effectively Modify Life Activities:

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Can telehealth physical therapy really help you recover faster?

Quite possibly!

Highly effective, convenient, and often patient-preferred, telehealth has allowed Darlene to provide the same skilled physical therapy treatments to a wider variety of people across the state of California and virtual wellness visits worldwide.

Hands-on physical therapy will always be needed, but maybe not as much as you think. For a lot of people, virtual physical therapy is the best choice for comfort, convenience, and affordability. It may even help you recover faster as you learn to self-manage your symptoms right from home vs learning at a clinic and then trying to transfer those skills to your home environment.

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