Our aches and pains can be due to many reasons (injury, protective response, postural habits, sports, work, stress, internal organ issues, etc). The first step in restoring the body to a pain free state is to normalize breathing!

“If breathing is not normalized, no other pattern can be.” - Karel Lewit MD, DSc (one of the founding fathers of manual medicine)

Abnormal breathing can create dysfunction and painful movement patterns throughout the body including the neck, back, hip, knee and even the foot.  Therefore, all treatments will begin on correcting any faulty breathing patterns.

Proper diaphragmatic breathing is where core stability begins.  Chest breathing, sucking our bellies in, or excessively protruding the front of your stomach out will obstruct your recovery and future movement performance.


Motus PT helps to resolve your aches and pains using the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization technique.  The Prague School Method uses developmental kinesiology to assess and correct faulty movement patterns.  We go above and beyond just treating the symptoms.  We diagnose and correct the root cause of the impairment to improve your movement, prevent recurrence and help you feel better than ever!


Motus PT provides sports specific training for athletes of all ages and all levels of ability.  These personal programs help minimize the risk of injuries and help the individual reach their full athletic potential with better strength, stability, mobility, and balance.




Our Mission

At Motus Physical Therapy it is our mission to restore you back to your daily activities and performance so you may thrive in everything that means most to you! Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and personalized treatment plan with a balanced blend of science, art and compassion.

Because we believe in quality of care, you will be seen one on one with the same licensed PT for all your visits.  There are no aides or assistants.