Life is Busy…and Accidents Happen.

Motus PT’s telehealth physical therapy safely guides you through an acute injury—fast and from the comfort of your home!

When a sudden orthopedic injury forces you to slow down, Darlene follows a PEACE & LOVE approach to help you manage pain, facilitate healing, and avoid reinjury.

So you can get back to LIFE!

“Unintentional falls are the leading cause of non-fatal emergency department visits in the US.”¹

A twisted ankle…
A trip and fall…
An intense baseball game…

All can cause an acute injury—a strained muscle or tendon, a sprained or inflamed ligament, a broken bone, a dislocated joint—and a whole lot of pain…and questions!

How can I get back to activity?
Should I return to activity…?
How long is “too long” to rest,
and how long is “not long enough?”

Acute injuries happen suddenly.
It’s important to know what to do…and not do…to feel better—fast!

And that’s Darlene’s specialty! As an APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Darlene guides you through the healing process of your orthopedic injury safely and effectively.

Whether it’s a back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle injury—or anything in between—Darlene’s got you covered!


A PEACE & LOVE approach…

Based on the latest research, Darlene incorporates a two-step PEACE and LOVE approach to acute injury to facilitate muscle and joint healing.²

Step 1: PEACE immediately following an orthopedic injury to manage pain and avoid additional muscle and/or bone or joint damage.

P: Protection
E: Elevation
A: Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs
C: Compression
E: Education

Darlene starts by thoroughly assessing your injury, keeping an eye out
for any concerns that might require additional medical attention.
Then she walks you through initial treatments that may include a
combination of rest, self-care, and activity modification.

Step 2: LOVE for the after care of an acute injury to promote a safe return to activity and to avoid reinjury.

L: Load
O: Optimism
V: Vascularization
E: Exercise

Darlene leads you through beginning range of motion and gentle strengthening exercises to safely load the injured area, increasing blood flow, decreasing joint stiffness, and facilitating continued healing. As you progress, Darlene advances your exercise program and helps problem-solve any challenges you might face when increasing your activity level or returning to sports to avoid reinjury.

“I pulled a muscle…
Now what?”

Listen in as Darlene explains what an acute injury is—and how PT can help!

Then, book a free consultation and find out how Darlene can help you decrease pain and get back to your favorite activities!

“I am an Amazon delivery driver. I often come home from work with a sore back. But this day, I was struggling to even stand up straight. The next day wasn’t any better. That’s when I contacted Darlene for help. She was able to correct my breathing as I was taking very shallow breaths due to the pain. Then, she guided me through some gentle targeted stretching and strengthening exercises. Although I still had pain after our session, it was much less and I was able to stand up straight. Thank god!” 

-Guillermo B.

What about ice?


Great question!

Ice used to be the standard go-to treatment for an acute injury.
But that’s not the case anymore.

Of course, there are still times when icing is appropriate, but it’s not necessarily the staple it once way. In fact, some research shows icing after an acute orthopedic injury may even delay tissue healing.³

And no one wants that!

It can be hard to gauge healing—returning to activity too fast or incorrectly can lead to more pain and further injury.
Not returning soon enough can lead to weakness, further activity restrictions, joint stiffness, and more pain.

Butyou don’t have to figure it all out on your own!

Let Darlene share her expertise and guide you through the healing process so you can safely return to the activities you love—quickly, confidently, and without the stress or fear of reinjury.

“I was having a great day riding my electric skateboard when I looked to my left for a second. The next thing I knew I was hitting the back of a van. The cuts to my arm were the scariest. But it was my knee that hurt me the most  The doctor I saw ordered an MRI of the knee, but didn’t really tell me what to do otherwise. Thankfully, Darlene was able to teach me how to control the pain and swelling, while also encouraging me to move it safely. Without her help, those first couple of weeks would’ve been absolutely miserable!”

-julien d.

Your acute injury happened fast…make sure your rehab starts just as fast!

Schedule a telehealth physical therapy appointment with Darlene TODAY.

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