Fix Your Breathing Problems… Fix Your LIFE?

Yes, it really MAY be that simple!

At Motus PT, Darlene helps you improve breathing problems impacting your health and mobility by:


Starting every treatment session by assessing your breathing patterns


Addressing physical, social/environmental, and emotional factors impacting breathing


Correcting faulty breathing patterns and coordination issues


Incorporating specialized Bradcliff Breathing Method treatment techniques


Providing highly effective breathing exercises and strategies via convenient telehealth physical therapy visits

Ready to fix your breathing problems...and regain your life?

“If breathing is not normalized, no other pattern can be.”

– Karel Lewit MD, DSc

Watch the video below where Darlene explains what normal breathing is.

“Breathe well and you will be well. Breathing is the foundation of movement, health, and well-being.”

“After becoming critically ill during the early stage of the pandemic…I was evaluated and provided structured exercises by Darlene. With her guidance in the Bradcliff Breathing Method, the following weeks to months demonstrated remarkable improvements in my pulmonary function tests. I have safely returned to health club fitness training with the goal of resuming competitive recreational athletics & martial arts. Many thanks to Darlene and her expertise in the Bradcliff Breathing Method.”


– John j. pt


Breathing problems can be much more than just an annoying shortness of breath or wheezing with activity.

Around 10% of patients in the population are diagnosed with dysfunctional breathing. However, many more people have subtle, yet clinically significant, breathing pattern disorders.¹

In fact, the way we breathe can be an underlying cause of many seemingly “mysterious” aches and pains, such as:


Muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back


Numbness and tingling in arms


Headaches and brain fog


Disturbed sleep


Reduced pain tolerance


Upset gut, bowel and bladder dysfunction


General fatigue and weakness

Note, many people suffering from post-covid conditions or long-covid complain of these same symptoms and many more.

Click here to learn more about long-covid.

Do you have screen apnea?

It’s MUCH more common than you think!

Screen apnea is defined as the unintentional holding of breath or shallow breathing when on any screen doing email, texting, etc. Email apnea is a term first coined by Linda Stone in 2008 and then was expanded to include any screen.²,³

Click here for a FREE download to learn what screen apnea IS…and one simple breathing exercise that can reverse the stress response caused by screen apnea.

Still wondering if YOU could be living with a breathing pattern disorder? 


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Abnormal breathing can create dysfunction and painful movement patterns throughout your body. Stop that cycle!

Learn how breathing works in the body…

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Fascinating, isn’t it?
Learn more by going to the Resources page here to get more information about normal and disordered breathing. Then contact Darlene to get your breathing questions answered or to set up a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!