Suffering with Chronic Pain?

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At Motus PT, Darlene helps you get a handle on chronic pain…so you can get on with your life.

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There always seems to be two different ‘angels on my shoulders’. One is telling me ‘it’s fine to keep sitting there playing games on the iPad’. The other is Darlene, reminding me to move…just even a little. I know I feel so much better when I complete the simple exercises she’s given me for my chronic neck and back issues. I am grateful to have her ‘sitting on my shoulder’ even if I choose not to listen to her advice sometimes!”

-diane h. 

You know chronic pain is a problem.

You know it’s changed your life..and not in a good way.


But do you know exactly how much chronic pain has impacted your daily activities, relationships, and LIFE?


Take this “mini-quiz”² to find out!

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Can you sit or stand for longer than 1 hour without slouching and without pain?(Required)

**Mini-quiz adapted from portions of Fit Factor, Private Practice Section of theAmerican Physical Therapy Association.

Unsure if your pain is chronic or if PT can help?

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“Having been a professional ballet dancer for decades now, I’ve had some kind of injury and struggled with some sort of pain for years. I’ve come to rely on Darlene’s investigative eye to figure out what posture or movements I might be doing to aggravate my symptoms. She always seems to figure it out! Then she gives me useful exercises to regain my strength and flexibility without flaring up my pain. Working with her is better than taking any pain pill!”

-joanne d.

When your pain impacts every aspect of your life…your treatment should, too.

That’s why Darlene’s holistic approach to chronic pain is so effective. She focuses on the whole person, carefully considering physical, psychological, and social influences unique to each individual’s pain, injury, or illness.

When you work with Darlene, she will help you manage your pain and find balance in your life by:


Helping you rate your pain and understand changes in pain


Addressing physical, social/environmental, and emotional factors impacting your pain


Correcting faulty postures that may be creating repetitive strain injuries and pain.


Modifying daily activities to decrease pain and increase function


Incorporating correct body mechanics into all activities to ease pain


Providing highly effective therapeutic exercises to increase strength and decrease pain


Teaching self-treatment techniques


And much more!

No doubt, pain can sneak up—that occasional ache morphing into daily discomfort and then chronic pain, limiting your favorite activities and everyday tasks before you know it!

But it doesn’t have to end there.
You CAN ease pain.
You CAN increase function.
You CAN get your life back!

And Darlene is there to help you every step of the way!

Looking for strategies to manage your chronic pain? Check out this “cheat sheet”¹ for helpful solutions that can change your life!

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