Recovering From Surgery?

Exceptional physical therapy starts HERE!

Utilizing Motus PT’s telehealth physical therapy after surgery helps you…


Manage your pain


Restore your function


Regain your LIFE!

Anywhere in California...and from the comfort of your home!

Your surgery may be finished, but your recovery is just beginning.
Let Darlene help you get back on your feet…and back to what
matters most!

“As a 78er, I had a hip replaced a couple of years ago, and not only did Darlene recommend the best surgeon in LA, but she prepared me for the surgery, gently got me moving quickly, and continues to guide me and my body through balance movements and strengthening exercises — ALL IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME via the magic of TELEHEALTH!”

-N. Alvarez

A new hip?
A shoulder tendon repair?
Spinal fusion?

No matter where your surgery journey has taken you, after you return home Darlene is ready to help you ease pain, regain function, and get your life back!

But what does post-surgical rehabilitation LOOK LIKE?

With Motus PT, at-home physical therapy after surgery focuses on:


Managing your pain


Modifying daily activities


Safely increasing strength and mobility


Providing information about your specific surgery, the body’s response, and expected recovery time


Setting achievable, functional goals that matter to YOU


Integrating positive mindset


Problem-solving unexpected challenges


Instructing in safe, proper use of equipment, such as walkers & canes


Developing an individualized exercise program to return to optimal physical function.


Determining additional in-home equipment needs


After surgery, life looks different.
Maybe you can’t move around as easily.
Quite possibly you haven’t been cleared by your doctor to return to driving.
Perhaps “easy” daily activities aren’t easy anymore.

That’s completely normal!
But it won’t be like that forever…
Especially when you follow a comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation plan to reach your goals…and regain your life!

Andthat’s Darlene’s superpower!

Why Do I Need Rehab After Surgery?

“Rehab can speed your recovery no matter what kind of operation you’ve had, be it a joint replacement, heart surgery, or a procedure to treat cancer.”¹

And who doesn’t want a speedy recovery?

Check out all the ways physical therapy after surgery can speed your recovery in this great article from WebMD:

Then book a free consultation with Darlene to find out exactly how she can help you get back on your feet…fast!

Worried about post-surgical mistakes that might slow your recovery? 

Darlene guides your physical therapy after surgery so you are back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Equally important, Darlene helps you avoid common, preventable mistakes that can slow healing and put you at risk for further illness or injury.

According to WebMD², these 8 mistakes after surgery slow recovery:


Doing too much, too soon


Staying in bed


Not taking your medications as prescribed


Not getting enough food or drink


Skipping rehab


Going back to work too soon


Driving before you’re ready


Quitting your breathing exercises

Avoid these potentially dangerous setbacks!

Your health is important, especially after surgery.
Your body needs extra time to heal, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine what’s “too much” and what’s “not enough” when approaching your rehabilitation and activity goals.

Working with Motus PT takes the “guesswork” out of your recovery. Darlene is dedicated to helping you fully understand what to do—and NOT to do—to speed healing, avoid post-surgical complications, and stay safe at home while recovering.

Don’t walk the road to recovery alone—let Darlene help you stay on the fast and safe track to healing!

I had a meniscal repair surgery and three months later a Cortisone injection from my doctor, but I still couldn’t even straighten my knee completely. I was struggling with pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. Yet, my doctor never recommended PT. Why???  After just a few sessions with Darlene, I noticed significant improvements. She taught me how to manage my pain, control my swelling, and strengthen safely. I went from barely tolerating a 10-15 minute walk to walking 1 hour like I was doing daily prior to surgery… now pain-free!  I attribute the success of my surgery to Darlene.”

-Karen n.

Ready to work with a highly skilled physical therapist who is as dedicated to your post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery as you are?

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FAQ’s for Orthopedic and Post Surgical Rehab: