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Motus PT’s telehealth prenatal and postpartum physical therapy
helps make your pregnancy and recovery as smooth and easy as possible.

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Would you run a marathon without training for it?

Would you hike a mountain without acclimating yourself to the altitude
and adjusting your breathing patterns?

Would you swim a mile having never set foot in the water before?

Of course not!

So why would you consider navigating pregnancy and childbirth without proper training?

Prenatal and postpartum physical therapy plays an integral part in helping you prepare your body for the significant physical strain of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

And Motus PT can help.

From pregnancy all the way through delivery and newborn parenting, Darlene is dedicated to helping you become as strong and healthy as possible…for your health and the health of your baby!

And if symptoms come up that negatively impact your pregnancy or postpartum recovery, Darlene can help you tackle those issues as well.

Some common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms Darlene treats include:


Joint pain and/or low back pain.






General weakness


Pelvic pain


Breathing issues

With advanced training in pelvic health, pregnancy, and postpartum care, Darlene provides skilled coaching every step of the way– so you can be as healthy as possible and thoroughly prepared for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.

Here’s what you can expect:

After completing a comprehensive evaluation to assess your physical health and better understand your concerns, Darlene will work with you to establish meaningful goals and a realistic plan to reach them.

Then she’ll create an individualized, custom therapy program to focus on key areas to address your symptoms and physical health.

These areas may include:


Strength and conditioning at appropriate levels of intensity


Targeted flexibility


Injury prevention


Core integration work


Hip, back, and abdomen strength & stability training


Balance and coordination as body changes during & after pregnancy


Healthy exercise modifications


Physical and emotional stress management


Posture and joint alignment


Breathing exercises


And much more!

Pain, weakness, and incontinence are NOT inevitableduring pregnancy or after delivery.

Let Darlene show you the BEST ways to avoid these annoying and sometimes embarrassing symptoms, increase strength and stamina, and enjoy the next 9 months…and beyond!

Why do I Need Physical Therapy Before and After Having a Baby?

Listen in as Darlene discusses the significant physical strain pregnancy, labor, and delivery puts on our bodies…and how specialized prenatal and postpartum physical therapy can help you train for this very special life event.

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“I was diagnosed with a diastasis recti after my second pregnancy. Between this and having a second c-section, I was really worried about restarting the activities I loved. Darlene put my mind at ease and taught me how to strengthen and move safely. She encouraged me to return to everything I wanted to do…including weightlifting. I learned how to coordinate my breathing, abdominal pressure, and posture to get all the necessary muscles firing. I especially needed this for my most important workout… keeping up with my 2 little ones!


“I was 40 and in the absolute best shape of my life when I decided to have a baby. Leading up to my pregnancy, I was working out twice a day, five days per week, at Barry’s Bootcamp, but was unsure of what exercise regimen I could safely do moving forward in my pregnancy. Darlene thoughtfully coached me on how to maintain my athleticism while modifying my training to match my changing body and my baby’s needs throughout each trimester. As expected, labor and delivery can be very stressful but, thanks to Darlene’s guidance and encouragement to maintain my fitness during my pregnancy, I felt extremely prepared and confident during childbirth and beyond!”


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