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Dedication, passion, positive mindset...and specialized, movement-focused DNS training withMotus PT!

Take your sports performance to the next level with acustom training programdeveloped just for you!

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Weekend warrior?

Competitive athlete?

Personal sport or fitness goal?

From armchair athlete to triathlete, Darlene is dedicated to helping you reach your sports performance and fitness goals!

As a lifelong athlete herself, competitively involved in softball, soccer, and swimming, Darlene’s greatest passion is sports! She understands that inner passion pushing you to achieve more—to be the very best you can be at whatever sport fuels you. And she embraces that drive!


Are you…


Hitting a plateau with your current sports performance?


Recovering from an injury that sidelined your game?


Striving to increase sport specific skills?


Wanting to improve your personal fitness?

Darlene can help you get back to the sport or activity you love…and participate at a higher level.

Here’s the game plan:

After completing a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal evaluation to assess your specific movement patterns, Darlene will work with you to establish meaningful goals and a realistic plan to reach them.

Then she’ll create an individualized, custom training program to focus on key areas to reduce limitations and improve athletic performance. These areas may include:


Strength and conditioning activities


Flexibility for performance and recovery


Injury prevention


Core integration work


Hip, ankle, and shoulder stability training


Dynamic balance exercises


Coordination with sport specific drill work


Positive mindset coaching


And much more!

Are tight shoulders holding back your serve, spike, swing, or swim stroke?

Take this simple test to find out!

Place a pen in your right hand. Reach back over your right shoulder and behind your head, placing the pen between your shoulder blades. With your left hand, reach behind your back and try to grab the pen from your right hand.

Can you do it?
Check your other side.
Are you able to reach the pen on both sides?

If not, you have tight shoulders which can impact not only your sports performance, but normal activities, dressing, and posture.

Loosen up your shoulders and improve your range of motion & reach with this key stretch.

Click here for a printable handout of this stretch. Then book a free consultation with Darlene to see how shoulder limitations may be impacting your athletic performance…and life!

“I hurt my back working out many times over the years.  Darlene also made me aware of posture, position, and my walking form which were all affecting my back.  I became sensitized as to how I needed my body move and function, which I still apply.  She gave me the foundation on how to move and be in my body without straining it.  With her guidance, I have not re-injured my lower back working out since.”

-Sharon L.

Why Motus PT?

Won’t a gym membership be just as effective?

No, and here’s why:

Darlene has specialized training in the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Technique (The Prague School Method.) This allows her to assess movement patterns and pinpoint limitations that may be impacting your daily function and athletic performance. DNS is based on motor control and movement patterns developed in the first years of life, an approach that helps Darlene target faulty mechanics at the root and reestablish more effective, efficient movement patterns…letting you move—and perform— better!

That’s the Motus PT advantage—specialized, movement-focused therapy utilizing Darlene’s expertise and advanced training to help you take your sports performance to the next level.

You’re dedicated.
You’re passionate.
You’ve found a sport or activity you love—a sport you’re good at…and want
to be even better at.

Darlene’s ready to help you get there!

Wondering how Dynamic
Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
can help YOU?

Listen in as Darlene explains what DNS is and how she uses it to help improve sports performance.

“I am a licensed physical therapy assistant and I have a black belt in Karate. I thought I was very skilled in movement and sports performance. However, when I was struggling to recover from an ACL injury, I realized I needed help. The training that Darlene gave me using the DNS method kicked my butt…I never would have thought moving like a baby could be so difficult! This technique helped me to get back to the dojo and sparring, feeling stronger than ever”

-Brian B., PTA

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